Stereo Photography
by Dave August


What you will find here:
This is a collection of stereo images I have taken. I'm lucky enough to have a wife who is a pilot and we live in one of the most photogenic places in the world, the central coast of California. Most of the images here are aerial hyperstereo. That means they are taken from an airplane with a very wide separation and yield some stunning 3D effects.

How it's done:
These images were all taken with digital cameras. I don't use a special camera, my early work was done with a midrange a Canon S300 and processed to 1050 x 2100, my later work is done with a higher end Canon Pro1 and processed to 2100 x 4200. The pictures are taken perpendicular to the direction of flight (out the passenger window) and two to three seconds apart, that makes the distance between the images about 250 feet. With that large of a base line the stereo effect is magnified tremendously and is why they are called hyperstereo. I use a shareware program called StereoPhotoMaker to crop and align the images and Photoshop for any other processing.

Be aware that these images are VERY large, my early work is typically over 500KB, the later files can be over 2MB in size. They are intended to be printed and viewed in an old fashioned hand held stereo viewer.

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